Established in 1988, Able Tree Services is a family owned and operated company providing a quality and professional tree care and consultancy service in Brisbane and South-East Queensland for over 25 years.


In 1988 Willie Fitzpatrick started Able Tree Services and shortly after moved into the tree business, now proudly carried on by his two sons Liam and Noel.

With their team of experienced staff Able Tree Services had gained the reputation for quality, value for money and honesty.

Willie Fitzpatrick

Willie Fitzpatrick



Noel Fitzpatrick


Liam Fitzpatrick

 The Team

Andy Lord
Ground Crew

Ursula Fitzpatrick
Office Manager

Anita Siiankoski
Marketing & IT Support

Triona Fitzpatrick
Environmental Officer

$20 million public liability insurance

  • $5 million professional indemnity insurance

  • All pruning work is carried out in line with Australian Standard 4373 (2007) Pruning of Amenity Trees

  • All Arboricultural consultancy and monitoring on development sites is in line with Australian Standard 4970 (2009) Protection of Trees on Development Sites 

  • Able Tree Services prioritises the health of your trees like any other asset on your property - as a value-adding entity that requires professional maintenance and inspection 

  • Tree waste and cuttings are recycled into compost where possible

  • Able Tree Services is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the International Society of Arboriculture - Australian Chapter (ISAAC) and the Queensland Arboricultural Association (QAA). These organisations are at the forefront of modern arboricultural techniques, practices and education.

  • Our principal consultant holds a Diploma (AQF Level V) in Arboriculture, ISA Arborist Certification, and is a Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) Licensee